Microsoft Flight Sim (2020)

Is there a way to exclude a specific application from the Firewall?
For some reason the new Microsoft Flight Simulator’s live data service fails to download the live data if I have the firewall turned on and set to ‘Ask to Connect’; the one time the application asked I allowed the request and the game started but the live data service always failed. Turned the firewall off and the live data service works.

Are there any suggestions that still allow me to require other apps to request access before being allowed to connect to the internet, such as excluding MSFS from having to ask…say a whitelist other than the “allowed apps”?

Hello @Charles,

We have had some others report similar. We’re working on a solution.

Supporting Microsoft Store apps can sometimes be tricky.

Thank you; if at all possible could you please reply to this thread once a solution is available.

Of course, I will do so. Sorry for the issue and thanks for your patience while we work on a solution.


We need your help to solve the issue. We see the game is paid, so we see we need to buy it to test. We were hoping maybe you could help us before we buy the game. Could you do this?

I’m away from home till this weekend, but will gather the requested info when I get home.

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Hi, I have the same problem. I tried turning on the logging, but no log files appear in the folder. I tried a different path that’s writeable without admin permissions, like c:\temp\ but still no log files.
What’s also scary is that glasswire doesn’t even see the file transfer traffic.

glasswire says 7-8KB/s traffic, Flightsimulator.exe is actually downloading 5.9MB/s

Glasswire fails to detect Flightsimulator’s attempt to connect to the Internet when the game starts up, so it fails authentication, and glasswire also cannot detect and just blocks the 100GB extras download after the game starts up.

If you need to test with the game, it is included with a standard PC Xbox Gamepass, so you can either do a free trial or just pay for 1 month access to it.

Hope you can help make it work!

Take a look at this thread Issue with Glasswire and Flight Simulator where Ken posted the correct instructions to enable logging.

You may be using an older GlassWire client. Please update to 2.2.241. Another person who reported this said that after updating the traffic was counted correctly. Thanks for your report and sorry for the issue.

This worked with .241. Glasswire sees the traffic and flightsimulator.exe connections show up. Now I just need to be able to unblock it.

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