More Translation


Hi there! If needed I can help translating to Dutch. You developed a very useful program :thumbsup:


Thanks for the offer Ghost. We have noticed a lot of Dutch users.


hi, turkish and kurdish here!


How far is the Dutch translation in progress? I don’t see Dutch in the languages yet.
Otherwise, I’m willing to do the translation.


It’s probably better to wait until we are closer to our 2.0 version release. Please contact our helpdesk around June and we’ll have the new text strings at that time. Thank you for your offer!


Hi! I would like to help translate into polish.


We just released an update that includes Polish today, upgrade your software to see it then go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose Polish as your language.


Hi! I would love helping out with a Danish translation if that is needed.


@FlemmingDK Thanks for your offer! We are working on a major update so it doesn’t make sense to do a translation now, because you’d have to do the work twice, once on 1.0 and another time on 2.0. We’ll reach out after the 2.0 update. Thanks!


Hi, I’d like to translate in bulgarian.


Thank you for your offer @AdmiralAnimE. We are currently working on a major update with new text strings, so we’re holding off on translations currently so generous people like yourself don’t waste their time on old strings.


Might I suggest using an online translation platform such as That way people can create teams, edit everything online and ultimately collaborate better together.


+1 as Transifex is also used by Discourse, the forum software used here.

Edit: Here’s links to the original Discourse blog, the corresponding Discourse topic and the Discourse project at Transifex:


That looks useful, thanks!


Hi, I’d like to translate into ukrainian.


So, how can i start?


Thanks so much for your offer! We’re working on a major update with new text strings, so we won’t ask you to translate our current software until the update is done. We don’t want you to waste your time.

Sorry for any confusion.


I can help translate the text strings is completed, I can help translated into Vietnamese. Please contact me.


Thank you. Once the 2.0 version is launched we will then begin looking at adding more translations. It would be a waste of your time to translate our current version.


this is Sarakael from Germany. There’s a little mistranslation in the German language file.
Virusscan >> Clean:Please replace the current ‘Säubern’ (verb) with ‘Sauber’ (noun).
Have a nice day