Stuck 'Loading Data' on 1.2.74 & 1.2.79 - Possible bug?

Starting to think this was an issue caused by Windows 10.
What was a daily occurrence seems to have suddenly stopped without any input from myself.
Will continue to monitor but I think this may be resolved now.


Do you have any dmp files on your desktop? We found a bug that causes some users to crash in certain situations. We plan to have an update out soon and I recommend installing a clean install with that update.

Hi Ken,
No not seeing any dmp files.
The program itself does not crash but instead it is the glasswire service that becomes stopped.
I think the issue may be resolved but I’ll certainly give the update with clean install a go when it’s released.

i’m also facing the same problem.

We think we found this bug and we plan to release an update soon!

This problem with stuck “loading data” - I had it on several versions of GlassWire - appears to have disappeared since I upgraded my main computer to Windows 10 1607. So I took notice when you said that you are still running 1511. As far as I can tell all my major problems such as data not logging have disappeared since I upgraded to Windows 10 1607 on both my computers running GlassWire.

Does anyone else have information for or against the idea that these problems are mainly or only on Windows 10 version 1511?
@Kittens, does this idea appear to have any relevance to your problem:

Mine also “Windows 10 1607” so, i think we are having this problem because of recent windows update?

No, this problem only happens to a tiny subset of our users. We will have an update out soon.

My problems were with 1511. I have had no problems with 1607.

I am havin the same bug on Glasswire 1.2.88 on Windows 10 Home Build 1607.

Sometimes it gets stuck on “Loading Data” after a reboot and other times it happens randomly after a while (sometimes it takes hours before it happens).

Especially I have seen it happen when I am playing the game “Life is Strange”, although I honestly do not think there is a connection there. One thing I did notice, however, is that my Nvidia Driver sometimes has crashed, which almost always results in Glasswire stops working.

Often I can restart the Glasswire Service (which is stopped at this point) but a few times the service won’t start and I have to restart my PC.


Please try upgrading your Nvidia drivers to the latest version.

Also, try uninstalling GlassWire, rebooting, then reinstalling our latest version with the “clean” option and see if it continues. Do you get any DMP files on the desktop? If not it may not be GlassWire crashing. If you do, please email them to our contact email address via a cloud service.

Following the Nvidia Driver Crashes, I already updated them to the latest version prior to installing 1.2.88. After experiencing Glasswire being stuck on “Loading Data” a few times, I did try to uninstall, reboot and do a clean install to see if that helped.

On versions 1.2.74 and 1.2.79 I had the DMP files created on my Desktop but it hasn’t happened in 1.2.88 yet (nor are they created the times when the Service cannot be started again and I have to reboot).

Earlier this morning I had this happen to me on a Windows Surface Pro 4 (stuck at Loading Data) but it was resolved by a quick restart of the Service.

Despite the bug, I am still very happy with Glasswire which has now become very essential to my Windows Installation :slight_smile:



Thanks for using GlassWIre! If you get another crash please look for any dmp files and send them our way, but we think we fixed the crashing problem with our latest update.

I have this bug on different PC. Win10 64, 1.2.96


Sorry. Did you try uninstalling, rebooting, then reinstalling with the “clean” installer option?

It was first install, reboot fixes this problem for now

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I have a same problem on a Windows 8.1 tablet and Glasswire 1.2.96 Elite, after round about 2 weeks of continously running without reboot, Glasswire stops recording, reboot solves the problem for another 2 weeks, clean install didnt’t help.


If you disable network auto-scanning does it solve the issue?

To disable Network auto-scanning completely create a text file called glasswire.conf and place it in the c:\programdata\glasswire\service folder. Add this string to the text file: enable_network_scan = false then restart the GlassWire service. We plan to add a setting for this in the future.

Did you get a DMP file on the desktop that you could email to our helpdesk using a cloud service for the file?

Thanks for the fast response.

in the service folder was a glasswire.conf, I have edit the line and that is now the content, is this so ok for the test, or should I edit anything elese?

enable_network_scan=false <-this I have changed from "true"

And I don’t have a DMP file, because Glasswire is not crashing, it stops only recording and when I go to the “Grafik” tab, it shows only the 3 dots at the botom with never ending “loading” (or so) text.

The tablet has also no Nvidia graphic, only an Intel Mobile graphic.


Just editing the .conf file is all that’s required. Did it solve the crashing?