Suggestion - fixed scale for graphs

Because the scale of the traffic graph changes according to the amount of traffic currently visible, it’s hard to tell at a glance if a big spike is actually a big spike of traffic or not - the current scale has to be checked as well.

I’d like an option to use a fixed scale or for the scale to only adjust upwards.


Great idea Ghosttie. Our team reads this forum in detail and we’ll see if it’s possible to make that work.

Thanks for using GlassWire and taking the time to give us feedback here.

Agree with this completely … I glanced over to the graph this afternoon and nearly nearly fell off my chair wondering what on earth was consuming my entire available bandwidth … turns out it was on a scale of 10s of bytes :smile:


Such an old thread, whats the status for that suggestion?

I also miss on Glasswire the possibility to see in the Graph, how busy is my Internet connection.

It’s often confusing to scroll through the timeline and see spikes with 5kbits and 10MBits in the same high, only differ from the top left scaling display.

When you won’t change this scaling behavior, that there are e.g. 60MB peek on a 16MB internet connection, than please make a red horizont line, that represents the max. amount of possible connection traffic for the displayed scaling (with an manual setting, where I enter my max. transfer rate), so I can see, if the spike is near the red line (and than a high traffic load) or not (only a low traffic load).

Hope, my english is not so terrible, that you understand, what I mean :wink:


Three years now …
Is there any hope that this suggestion will be applied?

I doubt it, see other request here:

As at Nov 2017, they are still thinking about investigating it for the future.


The way we pick future features currently is from our Survey we conducted a few months back. We sent a survey to our email list, plus we posted it on this forum and we asked for feedback on what our users wanted.

Currently we are focused on providing the features the most GlassWire fans asked for.

I don’t recall anyone asking for a fixed scale, but I’ll go over the results again after our 2.0 launch. However, that doesn’t mean having a fixed scale is a bad idea. The more people who request it here, the more likely we will consider adding a fixed scale.

We listen to what our users want and we work hard to give them what they want and that’s why we did the survey.

I have also been one that has recommended/requested this simple and frankly, standard feature. I regret purchasing. I only check in here every month or two and never use glasswire any longer. I agree completely with MrArtist’s rationale. Never received a survey email either. It just blows my mind that this option wasn’t added at least two years ago!


The survey link was also posted in the forum, not just to our email list. We appreciate your feedback on this feature.

I guess we’ve got a catch 22 then, Ken. If I had found GW more useful and was using it, I may have frequented the forum more often and seen that. I’m looking back more than a few months and can’t find anything about a survey. Do you have a link? I’d like to see what was asked and even results if possible.

I’m willing to bet the majority of your users rarely visit this forum, if ever. How many check out GW and moved on because of this (rhetorical as we can’t know). How many participated years ago and left when GW didn’t meet their needs - (again rhetorical). Marketing often considers one voiced opinion to represent many that don’t voice their similar ones.

You might try something like:

“I can see this feature is very important to some of our users. I regret that these voices have been ignored or minimized for so long. I will bring this request to the attention of our developers and encourage that it be given serious consideration. I will post the plan after this discussion within the next couple of weeks.”

That f/u post could say: Yes we will implement this feature. No, we do not plan to implement this feature because ______. We will keep it under consideration until we _______.

At least the first two responses can be final and let us make a decision about GW. The third one would probably just keep things in suspense as you have replied favorably about prospects for this in the past then seemed to let it go.


Please post under Future Feature Requests! if you feel it’s important to add this feature. Thanks.

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