Future Feature Requests!


I am on Hughesnet satellite internet provider. They have two service windows. One is their Bonus hours between 2am and 8 am. The other is Anytime usage which is the rest of the time window. We get 50 GB a month in each category. Our interest is to be able to examine which machine is using during Anytime hours, so a filter that could be employed to not only ignore internal network traffic, but also to ignore bonus hour traffic when we are trying to identify a machine that is burning up our data. Current we have to use the sliders on day view when trying to identify a problem machine. Of course due to the fact that we have Ipads and Iphones having glasswire router based would be be ideal since apple does not seem to allow you to code glasswire for them. Would the tomato software which we are currently using on our router support this functionality via plugin?


Please add the possibility to start when windows starts and/or minimized!



GlassWire should run on startup. See below.


Please add a way to limit the bandwidth rate of specific programs, and maybe the overall bandwidth rate.

I’ve been holding off on buying this for about two years waiting for you guys to add it. I’m sure there are others like me out there. I’ve just been using NL and the free version of glasswire. Please add this so I can kill my NL license. I’d prefer to have one universal bandwidth monitor/control program. (I’m not sure about rules regarding referring to other products so I just used the product’s initials)

Seriously I really want to buy this, but without a bandwidth limiter it’s just not worth paying for two licenses.


Yes, but I would like to have the possibility to start GlassWire when starting Windows both minimized or not.



Thanks for explaining and thanks for your feedback and idea!


Thank you all for creating this fantastic program!
P.S. I accidentally deleted the message, sorry.


not sure if its a thing or not yet, but;

Have a glasswire server / client setup. aka 1 server on local network, install client app on all others networked devices that sends what you would see for that device should you have glasswire installed and you where at the device looking at it. Then the server could also total up all the bandwith for the network, you could see what devices had odd behavior or used lots of bandwith.


For the android client, it would be great if you allowed filtering data usage from a specific point in time (not just a fixed time window), or from the last time data, wifi was activated… Thanks for such a great app!!!


I would like at the Windows app: The application info change show me more precisely: which from version number which to version number was the change.


This is what happens if you run Backblaze with a lot of threads with Glasswire (apart from it not showing up properly in instantaneous usage / firewall)


Feature request: merge apps / hosts in the stats display



Thanks for your feedback.


Simple feature request for Android:

In the Usage view, there is a time period selection that currently includes Day, Week, Month, Custom. It would also be nice to see a “Data Plan” option included in that list, if a data plan has been configured.


Android suggestion

I would like to see in a future update for android an option for a network speed indicator in the notification bar (up/down speed)
Thanks , keep up the good work.


Yes i ask it here : Display the speed connection in taskbar


Please add export to Excel or csv-format as requested many times already.