Future Feature Requests!


I am on Hughesnet satellite internet provider. They have two service windows. One is their Bonus hours between 2am and 8 am. The other is Anytime usage which is the rest of the time window. We get 50 GB a month in each category. Our interest is to be able to examine which machine is using during Anytime hours, so a filter that could be employed to not only ignore internal network traffic, but also to ignore bonus hour traffic when we are trying to identify a machine that is burning up our data. Current we have to use the sliders on day view when trying to identify a problem machine. Of course due to the fact that we have Ipads and Iphones having glasswire router based would be be ideal since apple does not seem to allow you to code glasswire for them. Would the tomato software which we are currently using on our router support this functionality via plugin?