GlassWire Menu | Settings | Client | Remote Server

Remote Server page (:free:)

This page is accessed from the GlassWire menu | Settings window.

Server List field (:free:)

The Server List lists all remote servers that you might want your GlassWire client to monitor.

Add New Server button (:free:)

Select the Add New Server button to input the server details.

  • Input the Name which can be whatever you like but you will only be able to see the first 19 characters in the Server List.
  • Input the server IP address which is not formatted here so ensure that you use the correct format (###.###.###.###)
  • Input the server Password if any password is set at the server.
  • Check the Enable connection checkbox when you are ready to connect to the server.


  • To delete a server record move the mouse pointer over the server record in the Server List and select the grey X that appears.
  • The free edition only allows one remote connection so GlassWire reminds you of this by displaying Buy GlassWire to add More Servers when you start to add your first server.

OK button (:free:)

The OK button will accept your changes to all settings in all tabs of the Settings window.

It also closes the Settings window.

Cancel button (:free:)

The Cancel button will abandon all your changes in all the tabs in the Settings window.

It also closes the Settings window.

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